вторник, 1 февраля 2011 г.


Different roses


and brooch. It's the flower of my fantasy..

Some NewYeary works :) vol.2

Funny earings - pinguins
Ring. Holly with berries and sweets.
Pendant, sweet rabbit :) Love it and them
Simple spruce
Brooch on gold - pin. Mittens

Some NewYeary works :)

Sweet Stars
honey-cake with sweet and beautiful icing

Wool and Felt

so, today I gonna introduce another my hobby. It's felting.
Hope u'll like my works in this field :)
My first wollen flower :)

2 cosy brooches for winter sweaters.


clover :)

The further the more :))))))))

четверг, 27 января 2011 г.

Works with PC (sweets)

Appetite fruit - cake. Rubber band

Berries - pie. Earings.
Earings, try to make them like cameo.
Audrey Hubpern once again. Brooch.
Plastic ring. I'm afraid to be mistaken but it seems to be symbol of Indian Sun.

Some new works

It's my first bracelet. Here we can see little spoons, doughnuts with sweet icing and drops :))))

Also I really like Union Jack ;)
Audrey Hupbern. Love her. Simply love.
Kapkeyks ( I hope I use right word:) It's earings and rubber band.